Runnin' Crazy: A Portrait of the Genesee River
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Runnin' Crazy
A Portrait of the Genesee River

by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck
co-authored by Edward Peck Curtis, Jr.

Publisher: Donning Company, Norfolk, Virginia, 1996
Price: $39.95

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Runnin’ Crazy: A Portrait of the Genesee River tells the story of the geologic birth and evolution of the river and the history of the people and places within its watershed. From the pre-historic glacial period to today, this book tells the story of floods and droughts and the relationship people along its banks have with the river—both benefiting from its waterpower, irrigation and delivery of fertile soil to its destructive floods and the century long struggle to control them.

300 b&w photographs, portraits and maps.

9x12 cloth, hard bound book with color dust jacket.

ISBN: 0-89865-978-7

Ruth Naparsteck


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