Paul Garrett: Dean of American Winemakers
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Paul Garrett: Dean of American Winemakers

by Emerson Klees

Publisher: Friends of the Finger Lakes Publishing, Rochester, NY 14618
Price: $14.95

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Paul Garrett was a leader among vintners. He was such as successful wine salesman that the wine growers could not fill his orders. He grew from a young North Carolina boy selling wine for his vintner uncle to a wine make owning five wineries. Within a few years he expanded into other states and owned seventeen plants that processed ten million gallons of grape juice and wine. He was a millionaire when Prohibition stopped most wineries, but he held onto his empire believing that Prohibition would not last. He lost money producing de-alcoholized wine, extracts and grape drinks, but when Prohibition did end he was the only vintner capable of marketing wine to every wet state. He helped New York State take a leadership role in the wine industry. Today the Finger Lakes are a tourist destination and the center of New York State’s wine industry. This book is a must read!

ISBN 978-1-891046-10-0

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