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When you think History—Think Herons Bend Productions

Every rural and urban community has a rich local history. Historian Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck at Herons Bend Productions brings you that history through primary documents photographs, diaries and letters. She interprets and writes about the rich heritage of New York State.

Whether in the home, the library or the classroom, these histories bring understanding and appreciation of our communities and their place in American culture.

Herons Bend Productions is located in Western, Central New York and the Finger Lakes. The company produces, presents and distributes local history.

When you think Education—Think Herons Bend Productions

Herons Bend is currently featuring the recently re-released children's favorite book; The Erie Canal by Peter Spier. The book is filled with colorful watercolor paintings about the Erie Canal, along with the old time favorite song Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal.

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The Erie Canal

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